Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 19, 2007

You Can Change the World

I just added a new feature to my website home page It’s called You Can Change the World: Simple Actions You Can Take. I will add a new action every week. The actions are based on a series of articles I wrote on living more simply, harmoniously and respectfully (also posted on my website). Each action is very concrete and doable, and each will make a difference in your life–probably the lives of others who use you as a positive model, too. I’ll post the action I put on my site today, just to give you an example.  

Eliminate anything you don’t need. In a culture that aspires to acquire, it may seem heretical to suggest that you aspire to having less, but that’s my suggestion. This week, go through everything you own, find anything you aren’t currently using (clothes you haven’t worn in the past two years, a bike you child has outgrown, old computer equipment, stuff you bought but never use), and recycle those things. Let someone who needs them put them to use. Clear the clutter from your life and prepare to travel light in a changing world.

You could try selling those things at second hand or consignment shops, on Ebay (, or on Craig’s List ( That may be worth the time and effort if you have expensive things in near-new condition. Alternatively, you could give those things away. There are many organizations that conduct drives to pick up used items (we give to ARC and Big Brother’s and Sister’s). I just heard of a new website where you can list items you want to gift called Freecycle ( Your gifted items are listed in your local area on FreecycleFinder.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of the road I was happiest on – where I passed on everything that
    was no longer useful in my life – thereby creating empty spaces for God to fill.

    May God bless you and the work you are doing.

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