Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 27, 2007

Change the world, but start with yourself

Many different motivations can drive our attempts to make changes in the world around us: compassion, ego, love, fear, tender-heartedness, anger, committment, opportunism, etc. It could even be a mixure of several different motives (which is very likely if several people are involved). The point is that acting out of the wrong motivation can create more problems than it fixes.

 It is extremely important to act out of pure motivation. The first place we need to make changes is inside ourselves. Start with a period of introspection.  Release the attachements and resolve the unresolved issues in your life. You certainly don’t want to be doing battle about an old issue with your father or ex-wife in the world arena.  Stick at it until you are certain that you are “empty”–clear of all issues. I have placed an article I wrote about how to release attachments on my website

No matter how upset you are about the condition of the world, or how anxious you are to get out there and do something about it, first take the time to clear out any inappropriate motives. If you haven’t done that, believe me, you aren’t ready. Besides, the changes we make in ourselves are the most important changes. Those changes will manifest in the world, and we will serve as useful models for others. 

 Start with yourself… and then extend your change out into the larger world.  


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