Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 29, 2007

Let go

 This Week’s “You Can Change the World: Simple Actions You Can Take” from my website ( 

7/30/07–Release your attachments. Some of the most important changes you make in this world are made inside yourself. Of those, the very most import one is to release your attachments to the people, things, and outcomes in your life. To picture those attachments, imagine strands of your energy running out from you to the people and things you rely on to define your identity (your job, your family, your lover, your friends, your house, your car, your appearance, etc.)–I’m sure you’ll recognize those people and things in your own life.

You can tell you’re attached if you need something to turn out a particular way for you to feel okay about yourself (e.g., your lover has to stay with you). Those attachments cause you to resist making choices and taking actions that might jeopardize your desired outcomes (e.g., not tell the truth).

The only way out of attachment is to let go. You must draw back the strands of energy you extend to hold, influence, and control people, things, and outcomes for your own personal ends. You can use imagery to draw back your attachments and free yourself–and others. I describe that process my article Releasing Attachments on my website ( Let go of your attachments and you’ll pass through the coming changes with much greater ease.

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