Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 14, 2007

Honor the Divine in everyone and everything

 This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Honor the life force in everyone and everything. When Hindus meet, they often offer each other the greeting, Namaste. In essence, the greeting communicates, “The Divine in me recognizes and acknowledges that same Divine in you.”

You will have to look past the outer form and the limitations of a person (or other life form) to see the Divine. But, once you recognize that realitiy–the reality that we are all that One–it is impossible not to feel respect for another living being–impossible!

If only in your mind, try greeting everyone and everthing you interact with this week with the greeting Namaste–I see the light of the Divine in you. It will bring everyone and everything back inside the circle of life. And, if you do this, you may just discover that you’ve also stepped back inside that circle.

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