Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 15, 2007

It’s all a matter of perspective

When I think about the different postings I’ve made here over the past several weeks, I realize they jump all over the place. Some have a spiritual or metaphysical ring to them; others take a macro or “big picture” view of issues, politics, and economics; while still others (like my weekly “You Can Save the World: Simple Actions You Can Take” entries) focus on the mundane, offering very concrete, hopefully immediately useful information. Some postings come from my head, while others are much more personal and come from my heart. Some of my blogs are based on issues I’ve thought and written about, and others are triggered by an item in the news or a conversation with a friend. The result is that there is no one single constant point of view.

The truth is that I don’t think I could change that if I wanted to. That’s how I experience the world. It’s a lot like changing the channels on your television. When I sit down to meditate–shift into the state of “being”–I see things one way. Then, everything is always already perfect, and no action is required on my part, or anyone elses. When I read books or watch the news, I’m fascinated by the incredibly complex and interrelated workings of the ecological, political, and economic systems functioning (or disfunctioning) in the larger world. From that perspective, I’m considering how it all works, and how unfolding events play out old prophecies and predictions and fortell our future. When I look up, and see the problems and possibilities right in front of my nose, then I think of acting.  

These are all just different ways of looking at things–different perspectives. There are many, many layers to our existence on this earth–probably more than I even know. We move through them, often without even noticing, on a daily basis. Writing this blog has made me notice that in myself. I don’t plan to edit the content I write about here. Now I realise that I can’t edit the perspective I write from either. I’ll just have to keep on bouncing. I hope you’ll bounce–at least most of the time–right along with me.  

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