Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 27, 2007

Face it!

This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Face and resolve an issue in your life. The coming earth, social, and politial changes and the resulting stress they bring will intensify any unresloved issues in your life (fears, anxieties, reactivity, compulsions, addictions, etc.) Eccentric tendencies you can ordinarily “work around” when there is little stress in you life could easily bloom into the handicaps they really are. That will make it much more difficult for you to adapt and operated effectively. You would be very wise to address those issues before those external pressures mount.

Most of our issues can be resolved by bringing them fully into our awareness, facing and accepting them, and then taking any required actions (e.g., adopt a new approach to managing stress such as exercise or meditation). You may be able to face and resolve many of your issues on your own, using methods such as introspection, meditation, or journaling. You might be able to get help from partner or a friend. However, if you have trouble facing an issue, or coming up with the means to handle it, you may want to seek the short-term help of a counselor.  

This week check to see if there might still be a pesky little issue you’ve been denying or ignoring. If you find one, at least take the first step toward resolving it.


Please take the time to read the fascinating comment Kelvin posted on my blog titled “Downscale.” He describes living in Thailand, where the king has mandated that the predominantly Buddhist people live according to a “sufficiency economy” philosophy that includes a focus on simplicity, environmental gentleness, reduced consumption, and practicing their spirtuality. Kelvin’s personal experiences and observations will definitely make you think. 

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