Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 25, 2007

Accepting grace.

I’ve been plagued by doubts much of my life: doubts about my abilities, doubts about whether I was doing the right thing, doubts about whether I could receive inspiritation, etc. This has continued despite having had my share of successes, inspired moments, positive experiences, and quite a happy life. It has been a nuisance. More than that, it has cast a shadow over me.

As I sat on my porch this morning talking with Spirit about my dilemma, I asked how I could let go of my doubts and finally trust completely. The answer I got surprised me. What I heard was that all I had to do was to be willing to ask for grace.

I guess the answer shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. Everything else in my life, even my life itself, exists because of that same grace. I looked around. The sun povides light, warmth, and nourishing energy by grace. The plants around me exist by grace. My own body exists and functions by grace. My wife, Jackie, is in my life by grace. All of the most wonderful and significant experiences I’ve ever had occurred by grace. Why wouldn’t the lifting of doubt, my life-long burden, be an act of grace?

I didn’t waste any time. I immediately asked for the grace that would allow me to release my doubts and trust completely.

Our doubts and beliefs make life so much more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. We fight never-ending imaginary battles for imagined reasons. Life is given to us to have love and joy. We only have to be willing to accept grace.  

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