Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 28, 2007

We’re doing the best we can. Have compassion.

This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Be compassionate. Dealing with limitations is certainly a significant part of life on this earth. We each have our own set of personal physical, mental, and emotional limitations–genetic and historical handicaps. They make our lives challenging and difficult enough, but to make matters even worse, we are constantly confronted with the limitations of others. Their limitations can be painful, frustrating, and even infuriating.

If your goal is to live respectfully and harmoniously, then you have to develop understanding and compassion for other people’s limitations…as well as your own. Understanding and compassion can only come through the acceptance of those limitations. Start with the basic assumption that other people are doing the the best they can–given their limitations. Also, realize that you are doing the best you can, too–given your own limitations.

Growth and change can occur, but they only occur after the acceptance of limitations.

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