Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 29, 2007

Are you ready for the physical challenges ahead?

My wife, Jackie, and I went to see our trainer, Christy, this morning. We both love going. Christy is highly skilled, insightful, understanding, and delighfully lighthearted–just a wonderful woman.

We only see Christy for two brief visits twice a year. On the first day she evaluates changes in our mobility, posture, strength, etc., and then on the second day she recommends a revised exercise program for the next six months. This works out extremely well for us, since we much prefer to work out at home. It also allows us to keep our costs down (yoga mats, exercise balls, light weights), while we still get the benefits of having a professional guide us. The result is that we are both more fit than we’ve been for many years.

When I got there this morning, Christy had my books “Illuminations” and “Hollow Bones” there for me to sign. While she talked with Jackie about how her exercise program was going, I sat with the books in my lap, thinking about what I wanted to write. I realized just how much I appreciate having Christy in my life. She’s helping me to prepare physically for both the challenges and the joys that lie ahead.

I’m very grateful that my body has served me as well as it has, especially given the abuse and neglect I’ve shown it at times. It’s amazing that with a little effort it can improve so much. Now I want to treat my body with the respect it deserves.

I’m ready for my new workout! How about you? If you already exercise regularly, you know the benefits. If you don’t, I strongly encourage you to begin. It will very much be to our advantage to be at our physical best as we face the exciting, but very uncertain changes ahead.


  1. I’ve been exercising for many years. For me it is the foundation for feeling my best in mind, body and spirit. I feel really energized as a result of my daily exercise routine and I believe it helps me to deal with whatever the day has in store for me. It’s a very important part of my life.

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