Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 16, 2007

One for all!

This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Consider the good of the whole. We live in a very individualistic, competitive, and often combative culture. It’s common for people to behave in self-protective and self-serving ways, ignoring the effects their actions have on others or the larger world around them. We will have to conduct our lives in an entirely different manner in order to live together in harmony on this planet. We will need to expand our frame of reference to encompass a larger picture and take into consideration the longer-range consequences.

Before you make a choice or take any action, think how your decision will affect the people closest to you, the local community, the nation in which you live, and the world we all share. To the very best of your ability, consider how your action will affect the whole, and act for the good of all.

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