Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 14, 2008

The most astonishing revelation!

This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Reveal yourself. Perhaps the ultimate way to show your respect is to reveal your true self to another person. We seldom do. Instead, we play roles with each other: sexual roles, social roles, family roles, and job roles. It takes a fair amount of courage to come out of hiding. When you open yourself to someone, you are really honoring that person, whether they recognize it or not. You are giving them one of the greatest gifts you have to give.

Your revelation could be something as simple as telling someone a true preference, rather than agreeing with his or her desires. It could be as difficult as telling someone a truth about yourself that you’ve never before disclosed. It could be as daring as telling someone that they have hurt or angered you, or as bold as acknowledging to someone that you love him or her.

Revealing yourself always involves a risk, as your gift might be discounted or rejected. On the other hand, it could be accepted and even reciprocated, opening a new door to deeper, more honest understanding and sharing. It could be a step toward relatedness–oneness.


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