Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 21, 2008

Envision a positive future: Every creation begins with a vision

This week’s ” You Can Save the World:  Simple Actions You Can Take”

Envision a positive future. We live at a time when it is terribly important that each of us begin to envision a new world. Our old structures, systems, and practices are no longer serving us. We believed in them, trusted in them, and placed our faith in them, but now there are clear signs that they are failing us. Our old world view cannot carry us forward beyond this point. It is time to dream again.

In the past, we left the envisioning process in the hands of the select few who attained positions of power and influence. We conceded our power to them. We’er entering into a new period when that’s all changing. We’re beginning to realize that this is a time when we–each of us as individuals–must take our power back. We can no longer subject ourselves to the dreams of others–no matter who that is. This is a time of revolution. This is a time when we must each take personal responsibility for the course we are on. This is our world. This is our nation. This is our future.

Every new creation begins with a vision, whether that vision comes as a thought, an imagining, an inspiration, or a dream. Let yourself begin to look forward, beyond the unravelling that is occurring. Let go of your old beliefs about how the world must be and open yourself to inspiration. Begin to dream the world you would like to live in–the world you like your children to grow up in. Then set out to bring that world into existence with your words and actions.



  1. i am gonna show this to my friend, bro

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