Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 21, 2008

A new global era–competing interests or interdependence and cooperation

In my April 18th blog I encouraged all of us–especially our presidential candidates–to look at the world through a broader lens in order to see and address the urgent global problems we face. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that someone–someone with a great deal more influence than I have–had recently delivered a very similar message to the leaders of our country.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown just delivered his first foreign policy address in the U.S. He called on the United States and Europe to lead a new era of global “interdependence” in order to address shared international problems, including terrorism, poverty, and climate change. Brown said, “We urgently need to step out of the mind-set of competing interests and instead find our common interests, and we must summon up the best instincts and efforts of humanity in a cooperative effort to build new international rules and institutions for the new global era.”  

During his visit, Brown also met with each of the presidential candidates. I hope whoever we elect will welcome Brown’s offer of interdependence and cooperation with a partner who is willing to help heal our wounded world. We should never turn down an offer like that.

Look for ways to extend that same offer of interdependence and cooperation in your own life–with your family, your friends, your neighbors, and the people you work with. Offer to change the rules of the game in your personal world. It really is possible. It really can be that simple.


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