Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 17, 2008

Accept the grace light

In my blog yesterday I described having walked in grace during my two weeks in Peru. Today I received two emails (one from the shaman I worked with in Peru, and the other from my friend Stephen McFadden) informing me of an incredibly important act of God’s grace that is taking place today (July 17th)–the Full Moon of the Guru. I want to pass this information on to you so that you can attend, atune, and take full advantage. I am going to paste Steven’s email below and I strongly suggest that you link to the site he has provided and watch the video clip.

I’m going to climb the mountain behind my home tonight to welcome this long-awaited grace.

*****Grace Light
What is the significance of the Full Moon on July 17th-18th?

A historic, global shift will begin on July 17th, the “Full Moon of the Guru” or Guru Purnima, an ancient tradition on the eastern calendar.

It is the full moon in July/Aug that falls near the vedic solstice, the month of greatest light. It is a radiant time when all the celestial teachers, light beings, ascended masters, angels and illumined ones open channels into the earth plane and act as conduits to deliver increased levels of energy and light into the world. It represents spiritual renewal of the planet.

The moon is associated with consciousness, particularly with the right brain. Each phase of the moon carries its own special energy. The full moon represents enlightenment, which is the full flowering of consciousness.

This initiatory window of the full moon, which runs from 2:20am ET on the 17th to 3:59am ET on the 18th, will open a new period of human evolution in which more light will be available for rapid human awakening. This awakening will deepen over the coming months and years.


  1. Wonderful posting , You definately hit the
    mark with this, I just don’t think that people quite get what you’re saying.
    I’m not for sure how many individuals I’ve talked to about this very
    thing in the past month, and they just can’t get it.

    Never the less, Excellent post!

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