Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 18, 2008

Remembering Mother Earth

Last night my wife, Jackie, and I went to a spot high above the city and watched the sun set and then the Full Moon of the Guru rise (see yesterday’s blog for explanation). This morning we climbed even higher on the hills that rise behind our home and greeted the sunrise. We did simple ceremonies to give thanks and set our intentions. Both of these experiences were absolutely wonderful–much more fulfilling than so many of the customary things we do.

We both we struck that we have lived here in the Salt Lake valley for many years and have never paid attention to the sunrise, sunset, or stages of the moon. Granted, we live in a lower area surrounded by trees, but it’s only a five minute drive to hiking trails. It showed us just how out of touch we’ve been with the nature that surrounds us–with the earth we live on.

I learned a lot about being in relationship and always respecting and honoring the earth from the shaman I recently spent time with in Peru. Before he drank water, he offered water to the earth. Before entering any site, he conducted ceremony. He never forgot the Pacha Mama (Earth Mother) in any prayer.  He never forgot to give thanks. I can only thank him for his extroardinary example. I am going to continue that practice.

When I was on top of Machu Picchu Mountain, I slipped over the edge and entered a cave. Inside that cave I felt the strong presence of Pacha Mama. I held onto a piece of the earth and placed my forehead against the cool, damp surface. I asked her forgiveness for how long it has taken me to understand, and for my disrespectful acts. She spoke to me–interestingly in Spanish. She told me that she holds no ill will and means no harm to we humans, but that she is evolving and that we must pass with her through that transformative process. I told her I would do whatever she asked of me. She only asked that I open my heart and by doing so affect others around me–just that.


  1. stephen!
    i am grateful to hear of your recent great awakening. i thank you so much for your ability to share this information with me and others. i wish to open my heart and be a channel for the light as well as others at this time of the MOON OF THE BURE..GURE PUMMA. my words can’t express my feelings of gratitude for your message of peace and light today..and moving forward.
    namaste’ stephen paul
    namaste’ mother earth

  2. Stephen,
    thank you for sharing.
    just being, with an open heart,
    is good to hear.


  3. Steve,
    Thanks for the very significant message of having an open heart. I believe that when we are in that space, the light fills us and goes out from us in all that we do. It heals both us and those around us. Thanks for the inspiration.


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