Posted by: Stephen Paul | November 22, 2008

Change is happening! Walk into the Emerging New World Now

Change is happening!

A sweeping, life-altering transformation is well under way. Even as old-world structures crumble around us, a new world–bright with possibilities–is already rising. We can begin walking in this beautiful new world—this spiritual renaissance–now.

What will it take to make this shift?

Think of what’s happening as a paradigm shift. Our old assumptions no longer work, and we’re looking for new, different, and better explanations and laws to apply. Our familiar, relied upon ways of thinking and behaving no longer bring the desired, expected results. That’s already pretty clear, isn’t it? The new world paradigm requires an entirely new way of doing things.

In a nutshell, we’re entering a period of love, brotherhood, and peace. I know, that’s still really hard to believe, but it’s true. It’s essential that we move from a focus on the material to the spiritual, that we move from competition to brotherhood, and that we move from fear to love. So, here are some steps you can take to begin living in the new world now:

!.) The single most important step you can take is to release all of your outdated beliefs and attachments (the things you cling to to define yourself)–all of them. They are all hindrances now. If you wait, they’ll all be painfully torn from you, but you can aid the transition by intentionally beginning to empty yourself now. Being empty opens you to seeing and incorporating the new that is arriving. It will serve you much better than being full of old, no longer relevant ways of seeing things.

2.) Open your heart. Go into your heart and will it to embrace an ever-expanding circle of your brothers and sisters, the earth, and Spirit. This will immediately shift your focus away from fear and self-protection, two very limiting alternative motives.

3.) Simplify your life. Reduce you consumption, your use of resources, and your dependence on others.

4.) Harmonize with the earth. Reconnect with the natural world around you. Begin to notice it’s cycles. Begin to think of yourself as a part of the earth, and to see the creatures and plant life as your brothers and sisters. Have an ongoing conversation the spirit of the earth–the Mother.

5.) Harmonize with Spirit. Build in times each day when you meditate, contemplate, and pray. Open yourself to hear guidance.

6. Recognize and accept grace–trust. We are sustained by grace. That grace is much greater than we imagine. It is our own doubts and believed limitations that have prevented us from knowing the true extent of God’s grace. Surrender your erroneous belief that you are responsible for what you have, and realize what you already are given (light, warmth, gravity, food, water, love, bodily function, etc.), and open to more.









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