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Predictions for 2009 and Beyond: Astrology, Numerology, and Intuition

Trending into 2009

by Steven McFadden

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Steven McFadden is a journalist, writer, teacher, astrologer, and a valued friend. He gracefully allowed me to present his “Trending into 2009” here. I hope you find his summary of trends both interesting and useful.


The evening of December 9, 2008, here in Santa Fe, NM, Jose’ and Lena Stevens presented a talk on the prominent trends they foresee for 2009. As a journalist, and as someone scheduled to give a talk on the 2009 astrological patterns the very next night, I paid close attention. As I listened to them speak, I was struck by how vividly their contemplative insights matched the signals broadcast by the major planetary patterns that characterize the coming years: the recent entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn until the year 2024, and the ongoing, dynamic opposition of Saturn and Uranus for next two years.
Virtually all professional astrologers appreciate the basic symbolism of these archetypal planetary movements and the profound death-rebirth, and restructuring processes that that they herald for business, finance, government, and the general status quo of personal, household, community, national, and global systems. The themes Jose’ and Lena Stevens articulated in their talk are distinctly reflected in the sky above.
The themes are also embodied in the numbers. Over the course of the evening at the trends talk, I had a chance to visit briefly with Deirdre Morgan, the gifted numerologist at Santa Fe Soul < >. Just seeing Deirdre spontaneously inspired me to process a basic numerological equation: The numbers of the year 2009 add up to an 11 – a Master Number year.
Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.) are especially vibrant and intense. When a Master Number characterizes a period of time, it’s understood that the general energy patterns of that period demand more of people, while also representing the potential to give more in return. I asked Deirdre about that. “Yes,” she confirmed. The numerological vibration of 2009 is a mirror, or equivalent, of what Jose and Lena grasped contemplatively, and what astrologers regard as the basic vibrational signature symbolized by the Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-2010). As above, so below on our Earth: the opposition signals forceful encounters with reality and unavoidable demands; it also crackles with electric opportunities to go forward, creating new ways to live, to organize and to govern ourselves.
Calm and grounded, sober rather than sensational, Jose’ and Lena Stevens shared the stage for about two hours. As they spoke about 2009 they detailed and synthesized the insights they had gleaned from meditations and ceremonies they undertook a week before their public presentation.
Big shift. Big changes. No road map. But there are paths. This is what they said. They observed North American culture and ways of life would experience high stress in the year ahead, perhaps more stress than the country has ever been through, citing the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Depression. “We have to change,” they said. “Everyone knows it, but no one yet knows what will replace it.”
Jose’ and Lena Stevens said that, as they perceive it, a healthy goal to embrace for the year ahead is acceptance — acceptance of major changes and new situations. We are well underway with an unavoidable process of re-defining our security, prosperity, consumption, power, and also corporate identity and function in the world. That’s reality, and there is value in swiftly and gracefully accepting it. Staying stuck in wishing that things would not change, being stubborn and resisting change, blaming others and refusing to forgive, will be problematic stances that function as obstacles to optimum adaptation.
They said that an effective way to work toward the goal of acceptance in the year ahead, is through observation. While there may be no road map for the changes, a mode of observation would tend to restrain impulsive or panicky behavior. By observing what is happening, and then responding carefully and pragmatically to new conditions, what needs to be done gets done.
The Stevenses also said they foresaw a markedly emotional year, a human intensity that would be mirrored in substantial earth change and climate events, with a predominant theme of water (too much water as in the case of heavy rains and floods, too little water as in the case of shortages or drought, or ice shifts as in the case of Earth’s Poles).
While everyone already recognizes the profound global and national shifts in general, Jose’ and Lena said we haven’t seen anything yet. Much more is to come. “This is not an ordinary recession,” they commented. “It will likely represent the most stress the country has ever been through.” They counseled listeners to avoid latching on to that nugget of prophecy, and to let it eat into their souls through worry, for the year ahead also brings great opportunity. They said they saw that in 2009 we reach a tipping point for spiritual awakening and for dynamic, positive sustainable initiatives. Critical mass approaching.
They posed a helpful, guiding question. If massive changes are coming about, then how do we – as individuals, communities, corporations, and nations — harness the energy and power of the changes to create a sustainable, just, and prosperous life?
Jose’ and Lena Stevens recorded their remarks on the trends of 2009, and have made the talk available on a CD through their website: < >.
The very next night I joined Arielle Guttman and Leslie Nathanson of the Sophia Center of Santa Fe on stage at Body Café, where we presented our regular Star*Talk. When Arielle took her turn at the microphone, she characterized the year ahead and the Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-20100 in classic mythological terms as the ‘Clash of the Titans with Olympus’- an epic encounter that marked an earlier Earth-shaking turn of the ages.
Saturn in opposition to Uranus unfolds five times, marking a span of time when the forces of change and revolution directly confront forces representing the status quo. Uranus mandates change and innovation. Saturn tends to resist it. When these planetary Titans are in opposition, the clash is on.
In celestial collaboration with the long sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2024), the Saturn-Uranus opposition symbolizes a foundational shift in consciousness over the globe, evolving most of us inexorably from ideological debates and risky, unsustainable economic behaviors, into a time characterized by an unavoidable need to respond to Earthly realities via pragmatism, restraint, and discipline. The imminent questions revolve not around whose God, cosmology, or philosophy is right, but rather what works? What puts shoes on your feet, a coat on your back, and a glass of clean water on your table?
When my turn to speak came at Star*Talk, I noted a dozen likely things for 2009, but spoke most passionately about our food and farms. These matters, I feel, will become of central importance in the years ahead. It’s not just the big planets traveling through the Earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn that brought me to this realization, but also my lifelong, professional interest in matters agrarian: our land and our food. I am just now completing work on my third book on this topic – The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century. < >
What I have become acutely aware of through researching and writing The Call of the Land, as well as through noting the relevant planetary patterns, is that our farms and food are in the ongoing thrall of a blitzkrieg of mutations, a pattern of change likely to accelerate soon.
Because agrarian matters are foundational, they influence everything else in our world. Impending matters of finance, transport, petrochemical supply, climate stability, food availability and human health, necessitate — right now — that families, neighborhoods, municipalities, and nations take a clear, visionary look at matters agrarian, and engage in swift, sustainable action.
We have commenced a transition the likes of which few people are prepared for, but to which we all can respond with a wisdom that will reverberate into the future to serve at least the next seven generations of our children. There are a host of positive steps that families, communities, farmers, and corporations are taking, and can take more swiftly and vigorously to establish a wholesome and enduring foundation for our land, our farms, and our food. Those positive steps and models are what I have endeavored to illuminate with the new book.
Immediate, wide-ranging change is a theme I hear when I listen to the call of the land. This call is apparent also in the quiet of mystic contemplation as Jose and Lena Stevens expressed, as in the steady simplicity of the numbers, and as in the timeless, gleaming elegance of the stars and planets. From the transformative turbulence that 2009 promises, opportunities to engage the future with wisdom, can and will emerge. These are the trends unfolding.

Steven McFadden
Chiron Communications
P.O. Box 29662, Santa Fe, NM 87592  USA



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    Sorry, I don’t know Deirdre. I did my own quick search on Bing and came up with one who is an intuitive and one who is an artist–among others. Good luck with your quest.


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