Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 4, 2009

Let go of separation.

We are part of a whole–a oneness. This is not a spiritual platitude: It is a reality. We not only inhabit this earth, we are integral parts of this earth. We are the conscious beings who, along with the other parts of this magnificent interdependent system, represent the fulfillment of billions of years of evolution. Similarly, we and this earth we live on are part of a unimaginably complex and extensive universe. This symphony of existence originated from one common source, and constantly unfolds in one ever-expanding flow of diversity and consciousness.

We are not–we cannot be–separate from anyone or anything…period. We have simply misperceived reality. In order to let go of our imagined separation we will need to release anything that separates us. In fact, the only things that separate us from the reality of our oneness are our own separating beliefs, judgments, and prejudices.

Put simply, we must empty ourselves of all of the separating beliefs, judgments, and prejudices that we hold. Begin by making a list of the separating beliefs, judgments, and prejudices that you already recognize in yourself, and challenge and release those. Next, notice your daily reactions to the people and world around you to discover the remainder, and release those as well. Lift the veils of filtering misperceptions, and oneness will become apparent.


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