Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 8, 2009

The door to oneness opens on this side

Beginning at the end of December in 2008, I started receiving a series of messages from my non-physical guides. The first message was very direct and simple, “Let go of separation. Accept your place in everything, and harmonize.” That resonated deeply, but left me asking, “So, how exactly am I supposed to accomplish that?” I got an immediate answer to my question. “Let go of all beliefs, judgments, and prejudices–anything that separates.” This quick round of questions and answers gave me much needed, more specific starting point.

I take my guidance seriously, so I immediately set out on a several-day-long process of looking for, examining, and releasing all my separating beliefs, judgments, and prejudices. Honestly, I was shocked by how long that list was. I was equally amazed how easy it was to challenge those old, long-held, illogical ways of thinking–ways of thinking I wasn’t even aware of–and let them go.  

Then, a few nights ago, I was outside for my nightly talk with Mother Earth and Being before I went to bed. As part of that conversation, I asked that I be shown any other separating thoughts I might have missed. The response once again came suprisingly quickly.

The very next morning, while I stood outside in the snow having my morning conversation, my neighbor’s son, home from law school for the holidays, came out and proceeded to start and to move three cars to get his own car out of the driveway. He totally disrupted my calm. The arrogance, self absorbtion, entitlement, and unconsciousness of this young man–who has never spoken to me or my wife in all of the years he’s lived in that house– was impossible to ignore. Opps! Were those judgments I heard myself spouting ?

It hit me like a hammer, as I recognized that these were actually pretty damning judgments. How very perfect. I watched as the young man dealt with the inconvenience he faced. He was patient, never swore once, and was never anything but kind with his mom’s dog that was always under his feet while he labored. What, could I perhaps of misjudged the lad? I used the rest of my time outside looking at this and many other similar judgments–misjudgments…and to thank my guides for answering my request.

Since then, this process has continued every day. I step out into the world and I see my judgments, beliefs, and prejudices reflected back to me time after time in the people I encounter. I would never have guessed that I carried so many.

I now realize that I have two choices when I encounter someone who sees things or does things differently than I might prefer:  I can judge and reject the person, or I can accept and love the person. One choice separates, and one choice unifies. It seems so clear now.

My guides tell me that if I will only let go of my separating beliefs, judgments, and prejudices, then oneness will become apparent. Who would have thought that this would be the doorway I’ve been searching for all these years?


  1. It is amazing how liberating it is for the heart.

    Love is the way.

    Good post.

  2. Beautiful insight, Steve!
    I love the way that you asked and how Spirit answered. I’m amazed sometimes at how infrequently we ask (maybe that is a sign that we feel separate and disconnected), because the answer is always given, usually quite rapidly.
    Your post is a reminder to me to ask more often and listen more deeply.
    Thank you!

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