Posted by: Stephen Paul | February 17, 2009

I’m already walking in the new world, and you can too!

December 5, 2008 Iwrote, A sweeping, life-altering transformation is well under way. Even as old-world structures crumble around us, a new world–bright with possibilities–is already rising. We can begin walking in this beautiful new world—this spiritual renaissance–now.” I also suggested 6 steps you can take to remove yourself from the dissolving “old” world and to begin living in the “new” world (1. release all of your outdated beliefs and attachments, 2. open your heart, 3. simplify your life, 4. reconnect with the natural world around you, 5. harmonize with Spirit, 6. recognize and accept grace–trust).

If ‘you’ve already taken these steps, then you know the amazing power they release. If you haven’t yet taken them, the doorway they represent is still open to you. Take these steps and you’ll elevate yourself to a place of calm and peace, and begin to live with ease and abundance.

The necessary realizations and changes that are taking place in all areas of our culture will continue to occur (Think years, not months.), but you will not be troubled by them. All you need to do is to take the 6 steps to step out of your  frame of reference in the culturally shared reality. You don’t need to go through all of the hardship of decline and dissolution or suffer. You don’t need to wait until the outside changes are complete. You can step out now.

I stepped out. Now I witness the fear and the struggle to shore up the old beliefs and structures going on all around me, but it doesn’t affect me. My life runs along parallel to those events. When I do go into the outside world, it’s like I walk through it, invisible. My relationship, my home, my life are more peaceful than before. Yes, we’ve lost some assets, but we had already simplified our lives and we adapted painlessly. I watch what is happening, fascinated, and welcome the changes that are coming for Mother Earth and us, her children.

Here’s the strange part for me. Because the needed changes are now fully under way, I feel like my own role–my work–trying to affect those changes is over. The guidance I receive tells me the struggle really is over, and that I can relax, lighten-up, create, have fun, and enjoy living in this new world. Wow! That’s been a little hard to accept. It’s hard to see what’s happening out there and not to feel the urge to “help,” even though I know everything must fall apart and that all efforts to avoid that fall only intensify and prolong it.

So, I’ve been walking, cross-country skiing, and snow-shoeing a lot more. I’ve even begun sculpting again (something I love to do, but set aside to do “more important” things). I’m focused on relaxing, trusting enjoying, and being grateful. Rather than “doing” I am “being.” Hopefully, I’m also serving as a beacon that others can follow–if they will only let go.


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