Posted by: Stephen Paul | March 3, 2009

Life and love will prevail

The sky is blue and sunny. The unseasonably high temperature here is pushing 60, and there’s a warm, gentle breeze moving through the branches of the still-bare trees. The earth is finally released from the accumulated piles of snow. I know there’s more cold and wet ahead. But today, today it looks and feels like spring here in Salt Lake City. Glory! Glory!

We were outside almost every day this winter. We walked the avenues that climb the hillside near our home, we cross-country skiied, and we snowshoed. It was all fun and wonderful, but there’s something special about being able to touch the earth again, being able to be outside without layers and layers of clothing, and being able to allow the sun to warm your body and your soul. It is always so encouraging when the first bright yellow and purple crocuses appear. My heart sings right along with the flocks of birds that seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

Next week my Incan shaman friend Kucho is returning to Salt Lake for another visit. Kucho introduced me into a deeper relationship with Father sun, Mother Earth, and the magic of Spirit–first at his home in the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu, then here in my own mountains, valleys, and deserts. I’m looking forward to spending time with him once again. The best times are always the ones we spend together outside. Nature is his element…and mine. I have never known anyone whose love for the Earth, Spirit, and his brothers and sisters was so evident, or ran so deeply. And, he will be here for spring. Glory! Glory!

Despite the difficult challenges facing us, our disolving financial and social structures, the sun is shining. Despite all of the concerns, doubts, and fears, spring is returning once again. The force of life is emerging at full strength. I trust with all my heart that life and love will prevail.

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