Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 20, 2009

Worldwide Solar Eclipse Meditation: Balancing the Feminine/Masculine

I am forwarding this information to you just as it was forwarded to me. I hope you’ll join your energy to support this transforming event. Kathleen’s linked meditation offers a wonderful guide for this event…and any other moment.



Worldwide Solar Eclipse Meditation: Balancing the Feminine/Masculine
Visioning a World of Love and Peace


Hear our call!

There is a miraculous moment coming towards us, an opening so great that it has the potential to completely transform the crisis we face as a human family.

On July 21st 7:35pm PST in the United States

and July 22nd in Asia at 2:35am GMT the sun will be eclipsed by the moon for over six minutes.

This will be the longest solar eclipse of the 21st Century.

Given that the moon is the embodiment of the feminine, during this once in a century solar eclipse, her energies will be exalted, bringing her into equal partnership and balance with the solar, which represents the masculine. Through this remarkable integration, a new balance of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine will radiate to the entire world.

This is an extraordinary moment for humanity to collectively co-create through meditation, intention, and visioning, a world of love, peace, harmony and equality for all.

Some astrologers say this solar eclipse is a time of shadows being lit up, untruths brought to the surface and accelerated awakening coming to fruition.

In addition, at this propitious time, the Black Madonna, the symbol for the oppressed, is also reemerging.

The solar eclipse has the potential to foster the liberation of all voices; voices of women, voices of indigenous brothers and sisters, and voices of all oppressed peoples. It is an auspicious time for these voices of wisdom and truth to be fully heard.

Please join us during this sacred eclipse to:


Please pass this message on to everyone who will resonate with this experience so that hundreds of us can become thousands and thousands become millions and we all can meditate together calling for the voice of the Divine Feminine to flow, thrive, and break through, in perfect balance with the Sacred Masculine at this propitious moment on our planet.

Join us!

For more information please go to my website where there are links to the guided meditation on Youtube

Or go directly to Youtube:

With love and blessings,

Kathleen McIntire



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