Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 24, 2009

Seeing through your spiritual eyes

My dear friend and Incan shaman, Kucho, has been in town for the past week. Tuesday night he conducted a beautiful, loving, gratitude-filled and blessing equinox ceremony surrounded by the mountains, trees and river of the Ogden canyon. Last night he offered a second equinox/sunset ceremony on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. It was a very special location and a very special ceremony.

Kucho loves the lake and the island in particular. He said that it is a very powerful place that feels like Lake Titicaca in Peru. That’s quite a compliment given how much he loves Titicaca. I love to hike on the island, and have felt its mystical draw each time I have been there. The irony is that most people who live here think of the lake as dead, smelly, lifeless, and never would think to go there. What a difference it makes to see it through ones spiritual vision.

That is the blessing that Kucho always offers. He sees people and places through his heart and his spiritual eyes. Then he lovingly and patiently reveals the beauty, magic and harmony he sees to the rest of us.

Kucho reminds us that this is a time of dramatic change–not a time to be feared, but a new beginning to be welcomed. The hidden mysteries are opening to us. Spirit us awakening to those who are placing their attention there rather than on the material. Mother Earth is embracing us. Our Father is embracing us.

We can all come to see with spiritual eyes as Kucho does. We can all see spirit, beauty and harmony in everything and everyone. We can all add to that harmony. Open, open, open.


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