Posted by: Stephen Paul | February 28, 2010

A dream of future possibilities

Two nights ago I had a dream, more of a vision really, that left me with such a joyful feeling and such excitement about what’s coming–future possibilities–that I just had to write about it. While it will be hard to put the experience into words, I’ll try to do the best I can.

In the dream, I was travelling  in a foreign country: It was a European country, perhaps Switzerland. The first scene I can recall took place in an airport terminal where I was strolling around waiting for a connecting flight. (The “I” was the person I am now, as I am now.) Out of the blue, a young woman, an airport employee, walked up to me and asked me if she could get me anything–a cup of tea, anything. She seemed to be drawn to me, attracted, pulled. I was surprised, flattered, and appreciative, as it wasn’t anything I would have expected, and it struck me that this was something wonderful, touchingly human, and warming.

As I walked on, passing among the aisles of people sitting around the gate, a second woman I had never seen before came up to me. She didn’t offer me anything, but her face expressed the same sense of delight, recognition, and of having been drawn to me. I was aware that I wasn’t consciously doing anything to attract this attention:  It was just beginning to dawn on me that something about me was making this happen.

In the next scene I remember, I was walking down a quaint little street lined with charming shops and restaurants. There were very few other people on the street, and it was obvious to me that business was very slow due to the global economic downturn. As I walked past one restaurant, the owner came out to sidewalk and invited me to come inside as his guest, and to enjoy some tea or coffee and pass some time. I realized that he had experienced the same attraction to me, and that he wanted to use my attractiveness to draw people into his establishment. Even recognizing his intention, since I wasn’t in any hurry to be anywhere, I accepted his invitation–considering it a gift I was glad to give. 

After I left the restaurant, I hadn’t gotten very far down the street before I was invited into a second cafe by the owner. I was beginning to understand that I was radiating something–perhaps an energy–that was causing this reaction, and that it was having a powerful affect on people around me. It didn’t seem like it was anything about me particularly, but something passing through me. It felt great to be able to share whatever it was. This time I was seated by a group of European customers who welcomed me warmly to their table. I requested an espresso, and the owner immediately brought it to me. The head chef, smiling and excited, came out from the kitchen, bringing an offering of pine nuts and spices (what?) to improve my beverage. Then, he kissed me–on the lips. I knew that the kiss was just an act of exuberance. It was surprising, but fine. Everything that had been happening, was surprising, but fine, in fact, more than fine, glorious.

When I woke up I was so happy. The events of the dream may sound silly, but the meaning of the dream was clear to me. We are entering a new world, and in that new world new laws will be at work. Many of us are letting go of our beliefs, judgments, and prejudices and raising our vibrations. That is creating a new, higher energy here on this planet, and it is being met with the infusion of new, even higher energy from Spirit. We are spiriling toward a new reality, a new world. What I experienced is the working of one of the new world laws. As we empty ourselves and open, Spirit can flow through us into the world. That energy is enormously attractive, fragrant. It attracts people and Spirit Beings to us and even draws nature into a new harmony with us. We offer Spirit, and receive love and gifts in return. People see and experience Spirit shining through us. God is expressing in human form.

The dream made me remember an experience I had during a trip to Peru a couple of years ago. During the two weeks I was there it was as if I was in a dream then, too. Everything flowed effortlessly. I went with no reservations or plans, but everthing fell into place. At the Cusco train station, a clerk called me up out of turn to give me my ticket, “because I had waited long enough.” I went to an Incan site in Cusco my first day and a shaman walked up to me, and then spent the entire day with me doing ceremony to prepare me for the rest of my adventure. I called the shaman at Machu Picchu, who I hoped to spend an hour with, and we spent the next two weeks together in his home, on the mountains, and in the jungle doing ceremonies that changed me. Everything went that way. I called it grace.

I knew that grace followed me home, and that life could always be like that, but after a couple of years I had forgotten. The dream reminded me. I know that life can be like it was in Peru, and like it was in my dream. Now the elevated energies here on the planet, and those currently arriving to the planet will make it possible to experience this and other new possibilities, not just under special conditions, but always. I know this is what the future holds…and the future is glorious!



  1. Traveling to Peru was one of my greatest experiences.

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  3. An aura radiating in your words seems like wonderful future.

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