Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 21, 2010

Release attachment to preferences and walk the Great Way

The Great Way is not difficult for those not attached to preferences.

Seng-ts’an, Third Chinese Patriarch, Translated by Richard B. Clark


A few days ago I posted a slightly (but subtantially) different version of this quote that I had come across on Facebook. I could not find the source that was cited when I searched on line, so I asked if any of you might know. Karen Runnels did a little research, and got back to me with a great website that offers both the full document this quote is taken from (This is only the first sentence in a brilliant and beautiful eight page Zen masterpiece on overcoming dualism.) and a compilation of links for other translations.

Thank you, Karen! I am very grateful. The first sentence of this poem is wonderful in its own right, but every stanza of the poem is packed with insight. It is a wonderful guide to living in harmony with the Great Way and Oneness. You can read the entire work at



  1. Circular patterns in numbers have been calling me for a while; [1:01 to 9:09] – 808 sounds fascinating.
    Stephen, I can’t see the link you posted to the guide. Could you repost?

    • Meenakshi, thank you for letting me know the link was not working. I typed the same address in again and it seems to be working fine. The link is also on the comment Karen sent on the earlier posting of the quote. What is the number reference you are referring to?

  2. Ah, thanks for the link, Stephen.

    Strange, but when I read this post earlier, I thought I saw something about 808!! Maybe it was an ad –perhaps on the email where I read it.

  3. Stephen, I mis-typed my name in my earlier post.

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