Posted by: Stephen Paul | February 8, 2011

Consciously relating

You are always in relationship,

whether you realize it or not,

so the only question is

whether you are consciously relating.

(From In Love, a book of paintings by artist Gary Collins and my quotes. Here is a link to read, copy, or print the entire book,



  1. Hi stephen, your consciously relating stephen pauls blog post is really one particular of the most beneficial substance that :-bd.
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  2. Ky blog eshte i madh. Une kam qene mjaft i sigurt se njerezit do ta gjeni interesant, sepse une me siguri do.

  3. Blog ini adalah besar. Saya sangat yakin bahawa orang akan menemukan hal menarik kerana pasti saya lakukan.

  4. Ez a blog jo. En egeszen biztos, hogy az emberek meg fogja talalni erdekes, mert en biztosan nem.

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