Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 3, 2011

Already loved

You are

already loved

beyond your ability

to imagine.



  1. Love this!! thanks so much for your beautiful and inspirational posts! they light up my day in words, feeling and brilliant color!

    • Kate, thank you for letting me know you have enjoyed the posts from In Love. Today’s quote is the last one I plan to post from that book. You probably know that the entire book is available as a PDF for free on my website, I have let my quotes speak for me on Facebook and here for the last few months. This has been a period during which I haven’t felt there was anything new that needed saying–just witnessing. Will I be silent now? We’ll see.

      By the way, I am very glad to see your posts. I have enjoyed and appreciated so many of them. You are doing some wonderful things.

      Love and Grace,


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