Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 12, 2011

Changes, fear, and trust

Two very distinct messages are reverberating through the world now–everywhere. “Be afraid.” “Have no fear.” These two views are expressed directly or implied in everything we hear and see–literally thousands of reports and postings a day. There is no question that everything is unsetteled and up in the air. While some people are hanging on hoping for a return to normalcy, others excitedly cheer for sweeping transformation. The common shared experience is uncertainty and unpredictability.

Regardless of what events are occurring in the world (financial instability, social unrest, earth changes, climate events, etc.), where we choose to place our focus, whether on fearing or not fearing, will determine our experience in the coming months. Do we believe these events and changes are the catestrophic consequences of bad policies and the actions of bad people, the earth punishing us for our arrogance, or God’s apocalyptic fury? Or, do we consider the changes a cleansing and shifting guided by a beneficent hand that is moving us toward a positive new future? What do you believe?

We don’t know what will come. We don’t control the events and changes. However, we do control our perception of them and our response to them, and those perceptions and responses are very important. If we can trust that what is occurring…and will occur…is happening out of a loving desire to transform us into something better. If we can relax, open, accept, and harmonize with the events and changes instead of fear and resist them…well…you get the picture, right.

Personally, I feel totally at peace with what is happening. I trust. If you trust, there is no fear.


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