Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 30, 2011

The Great Shining–the earth and we are glowing

The Great Shining  

by Nicky Hamid

The hologram of the old reality has played itself out. It solid…ified in the density of what we have called the third dimension. And you came here this time to take a portion, a perspective of this frozen memory, and release it back into the nothingness from which it came. Back into the sea of One consciousness. And it is your love’s embrace which is the magic of the release.

Liberating yourself has freed everything that you have experienced, and the lineages before you whose memories were frozen in your genes, in your body and in your field. And we have done this together, (brothers and sisters of many many races throughout the galaxy) in synchronous alignment with Gaia. As Her icecaps melt over the years so too were the blocks within each of us made conscious and more fluid. As she quakes we shake our memories free. Her waves washed the shores as we separate the flotsam and jetsam of our thoughts and beliefs, feelings and memories. Her winds blow clear, as we air the lines between truth and self deception. Her volcanoes and forest fires match the fire within us that burn off what we have completely released.

We have worked together side by side, knowingly and unknowingly. And now everything has floated free. This state of uncertainty and chaos in all we are experiencing is surprisingly, and exquisitely balanced. And we are free. It is just hard for us to realise this. Many are still looking for the blocks that have already melted not realising that there is nothing more that needs to be done. There is no more work to do on self, just simple, honest and loving acknowledgment of what is.

The old reality was one for controlling, analysing, planning, working, goal setting, clearing, healing, teaching, telling, and remembering. It is disintegrated before our eyes. It will be gone forever if you say so. Now it is about watching, allowing, playing, laughing, crying, gratitude and sacredness. Standing on your own two feet navigating by your Heart. It is now enough to see something that use to be a block, a drama, a problem, an illness, a pain, and watch and allow it to pass through your consciousness without holding on and having to do something about it. Just by the mere fact of seeing it differently now.

By the absolute acceptance of your creative power you can create anything you desire. If you have disengaged from the old reality then you live in the New. Healing is now a matter of allowing the transformation and all that is required is for you to take the appropriate care, springing from our heart knowing and “common sense” which is released from the old set of instructions.

You are an experience in progress, with no instruction manual. And the freedom of knowing this will bring you great joy. In your lightening up, in your freedom, in the growing unshakable knowing of the power of your loving embrace, all others who are beginning to step free of the old hologram have a lighted pathway and their progress is also assured. As Earth is glowing and so are you.

Shine On Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

 I Love You

See More By: Nicky Hamid


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