Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 10, 2011

The Joy of Humility

The Joy of Humility
by Nicky Hamid

This one is so difficult for me to write because it is so central to whom I love being and wish to do it the justice and importance it deserve .  And so, knowing how limited words are I hesitate to put it on paper. But my friends from Home are giving me a gentle shove and soI share this with my own plea to you, dear reader, to allow for yourself to feel what it is pointing to.

We are coming out of a reality that has analysed everything to the point of rendering life profane, mundane, feelingless, logical and boring, and empty. Where is the reverence, the preciousness, the freshness, the fullness? Where is the fearlessness of knowing and sharing the sacred, the most Holy of Holy? Amongst the passion, the creativity, the spiritual purpose, and the healing paraphernalia where is the humility and the reverence? Where is the total unshakable belief in the preciousness of the simplest, smallest, least prominent, quietest?

That there is a force far greater than me. That I cannot know the Divine in the preciousness and the grandure of even to smallest from the intellect. That I cannot debate about it or approach when I am in crisis. That I cannot court it by wearing jewelry, amulets, pendants, or crystals, or through qany ritual practice.

That this force is everywhere, that it requires my recogniton of knowing my place. That my place is the humble one and its place is not. That I cannot ever control this force from place of logical mind. And that if my allegance is to things, to beliefs, to people then I have to be honest and stop kidding myself that any of it is of central importance to my Divinity.

It is the dishonesty in me that prevents my knowing who I am and what I am a part of and it is the dishonesty that prevents my healing. It is not the healing techniques or the candles or herbs or perfumes, etc. It is the dishonesty that does not allow the fact that you do not have faith at all. It is the dishonesty in the affirmations, intentions, prayers, and beliefs in the power of the Divine and sacred with that belief there may not be that miracle power at all, of that I am not worthy, or that there is something missing in me that prevents Grace from entering of the Source shining through me unimpeded.

Surrender is when you can say “take away what I no longer need in my life, bring me what I need to do, what I need to serve, anything”. But most cannot say that prayer without putting something on at the end. “But if it humiliates me I don’t want it”. We are afraid that a spiritual life will require a humble life, and we equate humble with poor, and poor is powerless. The mind wants to build its place but the soul knows its place. Being humble means never leaving the place of soul the mystical indescribable place of Self.

When it comes to surrendering big, important, significant, and special, has to give way to Loving Union with All That Is. Knowing my place and taking Home/Soul/Essence everywhere I go, never too tall to bow my head in the presence of the sacred. Because everything is sacred is precious is essential for the whole.
And when you can bow your head because you know when you are in the presence of Divine and you know you are completely protected from the feeling that you are going to lose your soul to someone else’s fear. That none could ever pierce your dignity.

And the change in our world and the change in your life comes when you are no longer afraid to follow your prompting because of what others may think of you. When, for example, you are going somewhere with a friend or colleague and prompted to touch some stranger and offer a kind word, and you ignore the mind that says “what will my companion think”. When you follow your soul call, your connection, your being in Presence and Source, Grace follows you into to lives of those you touch, and with the truly mystical comes the miracles. And you may not know what happens in the others life, and it does not matter because in the being, is the doing, and the doing is the reward in and of itself, for you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are in the presence of the sacred, the most Holy. And you bow your head in reverence of being in the presence of such infinite Holiness.

For me it is so beautifully felt when I see someone at random and all I want to do is to wash their feet. I sense the life they are leading, and perhaps the pain they are feeling, and I am moved by the grandure of their Being. Perhaps washing their feet will signal something to them of who they are but my need for action is how I love being in the Presence of Divinity and the ease and comfort I have in the connection. The profound opportunity is everywhere. Being totally in humility requires such bravery, such a magnificent confidence of connection of self to All that Is. Who needs a sacred site or temple, to feel the utter sacred power of Divine Presence? It becomes the greatest joy to be daily given the opportunities to touch as an angel, the sacred Presence of another. And in the reverence, that comes with seeing from the point of Source and being in the Presence of Source, I am most deliciously and gratefully humbled.
Delicious also is the truth feeling that in this humility in the Presence of the sacred, in this feeling of disappearance of self importance in the presence of another, of invisibility, ego is completely at rest, I am totally present and at one, insignificant and complete. How can feeling so insignificant feel so awesome, so expansive, so inclusive? How absolutely profound. No wonder men and women who have got this have been called mystics. The truth in the paradox of “Less is more”.

May you feel this Joy.


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