Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 30, 2011

2011–The Year of the Great Shining

The Year fo the Great Shining

By: Nicky Hamid

I called 2011 the Year of the Great Shining
It is your turn to Shine.
No longer …trying to be anybody but to be yourSelf.
No longer confining yourself to a sense of separation through holding yourself, your awareness in.
No longer contriving in your conception and beliefs to build a “place” yourself.
No longer allowing thoughts of fear of ego or unworthiness, or embarrassment to dampen your enthusiasm and love of Life.
No longer hiding or looking for secrets that will open you and everything up.

To Shine is to drop all pretenses that you are not perfect. That you do not have an unlimited and unbounded capacity to love and embrace all before you.

So Shine and let your shining dissolve all barriers, all boundaries.
Shine and you, and your truth will fill all before you.
Shine and everything in your Presence will be blessed.
Shine and your expansion, your awareness, your capacity to awaken and to create will flourish quite naturally.

You want to change the world. You can. Just consciously Shine and watch everything and every one change.

Radiate your love, your joy, especially in areas and situations where you have held yourself back, reigned yourself in. Extend the field of you through your Glow.

There is nothing to stop you but your own mind and even that no longer has the momentum to be very convincing.

Step up, step out, be free to be, and let others see.


I Love You



  1. nice blog!! let’s stay connected. I’m over at 🙂

  2. Just thought i’d comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looksperfect.

    • Thanks, visual design only–ain’t a coder..

  3. A nice post with good points.

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