Posted by: Stephen Paul | November 7, 2011

11-11-11 Don’t make too big a thing of dates. You can’t miss out.

On Little Dates and Big Hearts

Be aware not to make too big a thing of these dates or anything else for that matter. For example the 11:11:11.
Would you be any lesser for missing it, or for not being in the place where others are apparently experiencing something special.

There is no missing out no people making more or less progress by anything they do that you cannot. In fact to bless the ground you stand on with your love and appreciation is no less profound than being in the presence of Masters at some great initiation ceremony. Each is Holy.
To till the soil or clean the house is no less worthy than writing a book or speaking to a crowd. In the act of love and gratitude what is greatest or least? No one has any more merit than another it is only mind construction.

So many things happening around the world some feel excluded from events because they may not be participating physically. 11.11.11 is just one of many windows, many opportunities. We are being invited to participate every day in life, you do not have to wait for dates. You can choose your own date to do whatever you are inspired to do. You are born, die, take enlightment, initiation etc, etc, at any time of your own choosing. Just be aware that there can be much over emphasis on these dates don’t get stuck on these windows.

If you have made your intention, your choices, then how could you ever miss out or be late. Don’t feel you have missed out or are missing out because you do not think you have done the right amount of work, or because you are following someone elses prediction that seems to exclude you.

It is so simple, begin everything from the heart, with the heart and you are “on track”, the perfect track, the only track there could be for you. Move on your journey where you are and do not slip into a waiting mode, waiting for the big event. Your choosing love on all occasions is the Big Event. Forget everything to do with Who is going to make it and who is not, and who is more advanced and who is not. Each of us together form one great body of humanity and all we need to do is to make ourselves as healthy, energetic and loving as possible.

For the 11.11.11 you can contribute most magnificently . You are present on this beautiful planet you love it and you envision freedom and harmony for every human being. Feel your highest and shine it out for that time wherever you are whatever you are doing. And if you forget or miss the time do it anyway and intend your connection with all of us and So It Is.

Shine On

I Love You



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