Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 15, 2012

Do you get it? The thoughts you choose change your reality.

Our Magnificent Creation

Do you get it? Do you really get it?

That you will change your reality, here and now, when you choose the thoughts you want to have.
And the basis of your reality change is to choose love over fear.
Every single feeling you have is a choice.
Though you can experience any number of emotions, you can make choices of whether they stay with you or whether you can watch them leave you by making your new, creative, embracing, love based, thoughts.
This will be your new world that you can experience immediately. And it will magnetise a match everywhere you look, everywhere you step.
This will occur regardless of the realities others are choosing for their experience.
And when there is enough of us choosing the love based reality in our day to day moments, the New World, the new consensus reality, becomes full blown. Suddenly, quickly, quietly, miraculously.
And because you have chosen to see, feel, think, and be that which you deeply desire, it will be as though it never was not.
And that which you have experienced in fear will simply be neutral memories of your magnificent journey into Light
This is how we are creating our New World.

Shine My Friends Shine.

I Love You



  1. Love this. Your words are so true.

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