Posted by: Stephen Paul | October 7, 2012



You will see…and experience…changes beyond your ability to imagine in the next months–unbelievable changes. These changes will affect the political, social, economic, and even the physical world around you. It will be not only undesirable but impossible to maintain your previous familiar life-style. Depending on how you approach these changes, you will either be frightened and anxious, or calm–perhaps even excited.

There is only one way to prepare for unimaginable change, and that is to learn to flow. Flowing is to go with what is, and to harmonize with it. In order to flow, you must accept that you don’t know how things are, how they should be, or how they will be. You need to accept that they will be just as they are, just as they arise. You will have to let go of any attachment to things being as they have been, or for that matter being any particular way at all. You will have to let go of any resistance to change.

Then free of judgments, free of resistence, free of knowing, relax, harmonize, and respond to whatever occurs–flow–trusting that all is as it should be.


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