Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 9, 2012

12/21/2012–Be present, with no expectations

  1. Empty and unplugged…. I am feeling like being everywhere and nowhere since 4-5 days now…. It feels like I am spanning all dimensions and time itself…. a clear sign to me that a profound recalibration and reboot is taking place on the…

    inner planes. There is no agenda other than BE-ing, no urge to speak, write, share or do anything. Even all the group activations, meditations, ascension rites of passage, initiations and preparations do not call me…. all the “important or impotent” messages, forecasts and updates to 12-12-12 and December 21st simply do not attract my attention…. and do they really empower us or just abstract us from BE-ing present and embodying the NOW fully and completely. Are they not just triggering a place of fear of missing out on something…. in truth the only way we can miss out on anything is to leaving the heart of the present moment……… The whole count-down to December 21st has absolutely no hold on me…. if you asked me I would have no idea how many days to go……. it has somehow lost its importance. I am not preparing in any way other than honoring a call to be in Glastonbury for this long awaited planetary alignment. The nearer we get the less expectations I have…. talking about being in the NOW….. we are indeed moving into the time of NO-time and of embodying presence itself. 
    Grace An´tara Ma

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