Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 27, 2013



The major reason we spend our time worrying about the future instead of remaining solidly rooted in the present is that we don’t trust. We fear that things won’t turn out as we hope they will, or believe that they should. We take responsibility for outcomes, and then attempt to control them. When you think about it, we actually control very few of the most important things in our lives (the radiance of the sun, the beating of our hearts, the love of others). That’s probably fortunate, since the truth is we don’t really know how things should turn out–even in our own lives.

Trust does not require proof or certainty. It isn’t necessary that we understand everything–why things are as they are, how they operate, or why they operate the way they do–before we trust. To trust is to accept that everything is unfolding as it should–even if it doesn’t appear that way from our limited perspectives.

Trust is something we offer from our side. We take a leap of faith that we are safe in the arms of an embracing universe. Once we take that leap, it allows us to let go of responsibility for outcomes we will never control–no matter how hard we try–and relax into the perfection of life.


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