Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 3, 2013

Glimpsing God


from Nicky Hamid

A Single Eye on Truth – (The Word)
If you could think of perfection in all the qualities you can conceive of, and imagine it, as being in your reality.
If you see all that was the very best, and powerful, and creative, and expressive, and …open, and expansive.
And if you could acknowledge that there is so much more than you could ever express, or comprehend, or hold to, that was unconditionally loving, and was even much much more than this.
Then this might be glimpsing at God.
And this would be YOU.
And So It Is.Shine BrighterI Love You
There is an apprehension and reaction to using the word ‘God’ because of the way religions have used it. There is also the refusal to use it because it appears to point to a Being outside of us. On the other hand when you know who you are then you stop holding on to distinctions between inside and out and it matters not for “God, Source, Creator, Io, Tao, Allah, etc… are simply pointers to the infinite expressivness and the receptiveness of creation…. the in and the out, the up and the down, the here and the there, the was, is, and will be, Love and Life without end or beginning. As you step into the whole reality of an unfolding Self, you begin to realize that there is not One Truth. There is simply you aligning to more of you, and you can never be defined because you are continually in motion and what is true for you now will not be again, for you will be aligning yourself to something that you have not met yet, and this will be the new ‘truth’ for you.
So whatever marker you use, it will stand for that which cannot be defined, that which encompasses, embraces, All That Is. (Neti, neti…..not this not that).

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