Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 8, 2013

I am not interested in your story, only your true being

You have to go beyond this person you imagine yourself to be.

Truly speaking, no one is interested or can be interested in you, the person,

for the person is a selfish and limited form of consciousness.

I am also not interested in anyone, only in their true being.

The least interesting or engaging thing in meeting anyone is their story,

for the ‘person’ along with their story or self-image, is a construction, a pretense, a rumor and a myth.

You are the Infinite, and I am not paying you a compliment by saying this.

I am only saying out loud what you know deep inside your being, but have seemingly forgotten.

~ Mooji

8th of August, 2013




  1. I love Mooji. These words are inspiring and a great reminder! Thank you for sharing!

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