Posted by: Stephen Paul | February 13, 2014

Notice: Offerings



I am going to allow my website ( to go off line when my provider contract expires on 2/22. I am making available several of my books, recent compilations of new quotes and poems, and an article before I close the site.

–In Love: Visions for Growth and Harmony in Relationships

–Hollow Bones

–In Harmony with Being

–Only a Silent Witness

–Releasing Attachment

These are all PDF documents and may take a minute or two to load. If you have trouble loading or downloading a document, email me at



  1. Lovely resources. I feel it would help to make pages on this wordpress site, Stephen, so that your work is still available. This way it’s free to use and freely available to all who follow your blog.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Meenakshi. Can you put larger works on a page? I’ll investigate.

      • You can have several pages and I think they can scroll ‘infinitely’. You can also upload pdf and other media files. You can have private and publicly published pages, save drafts and so on. Thank you for considering it. Your work is such a beautiful resource for the world.

      • Thanks again, Meenakshi.

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