Posted by: Stephen Paul | March 23, 2014

I Am All of This

I Am All Of This
by Dana Faulds
There are as many paths
to truth as there are
heartbeats, leaves, fireflies
in summer twilight.
Let me tell you of the path that’s
chosen me, the road that has
drawn my feet forward,
the way of my awakening.

Defying easy definition, it
unfolds, and I follow. With
each step I let in more of life.
I expand into vastness. My
reach exceeds my grasp
until I hold to nothing solid.

I include, widen, grow deeper.
This too, is me, and this, and
yes, even this. There is more
emptiness than substance here,
and not a single rule to live by.
In place of form there is
an ecstatic dance with the
boundless infinity of truth.

There is freedom, stillness,
song and silence, sustenance
and the end of supplication.
In place of seeking there is
finding without loss, and love
without boundaries. There
are no walls in this existence.

Here is no difference, out or
in. All That Is radiates,
quickens, awakens, fills and
empties in the same breath,
and I know beyond doubt
or any hesitation, that I am
all of this.

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