Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 13, 2014

I am all of these and I am none

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By Nicky Hamid


I chant “Om Shanti” and greet you with “Namaste” and love and honour the wisdom of Krishna, am I Hindu?

I know Inner Peace and venerate compassion and have no singular vision of God, am I a Buddhist?

I follow the values and example of Jesus and adore him and Mary with all my heart, am I Christian?

I love the words of Rumi and Omar Khayyam, the Sufi stories and the Legends of Arabia, am I Muslim?

I have embraced the Tao and the depth of silence and Flow in the natural order of things from the master Lao Tse, am I Taoist?

I am all of these and I am none of them.
I am indescribable, unfathomable., immutable and eternal.
I am a point of Light within the mind of God .
I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light.

And if you know that, Thou Art That, then you will know you and I as One.
To know you is to know me.

I Love You
And so if you would know another, “walk a mile in their shoes”. And as all of you have had many many embodied experiences it is not at all difficult to walk in their shoes and know that we are indeed One.
If you love You, in your (W)Holiness it will be impossible for you not to love all.


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