Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 23, 2015

The music of stillness

When we transcend (the I-dentity/story of self) and dissolve into the field of love, there is no one there to utter anything…. everything just is as it is… there is no need to interupt or interfere, no need to controle, nothing to add and nothing to deduct. There is just pure omni pres(essence) of love. We can dive into this space with a bit of dicipline… it is a state of being we surf in and out of until we get comfortable enough to just let go and BE joy without seeking reason, without being attached to anything, without getting caught up by the ongoing chatter of thoughts moving thru our mind. It is the vibration of home of our soul immersed with source itself. The music of stillness itself.
Grace Antara Ma's photo.

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