Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 18, 2015

Awakening to the Truth of your being

Adyashanti's photo.

Q. “When a person becomes awake and enlightened, does he or she also become wise and loving?”

Adya “When you awaken, all becoming ceases. Being awake means that you realize by direct experience who and what you are. You do not become anything. All becoming is in time, which is mind. Awakening is outside of time: You awaken from time to that which is timeless. Wisdom and love are aspects of your own Self and as such do not need to be created or pursued.

Many people try to become wiser and more loving, and they remain in a constant battle with themselves. This approach never works because it assumes a separate ‘you’ who wants to be a better person. It is the you that is the dream, a thought only. In taking yourself to be a separate entity, you blind yourself to the Truth of your being which is love and wisdom.”

~ Adyashanti

The Impact of Awakening


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