Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 30, 2015

Unselfconsciously human

Nicky Hamid's photo.

Over the years I have heard so much about being on the “spiritual path” and “being spiritual”. Most of it has been very sincere nonsense. The nonsense has not been either the principles or the practices but rather in the whole notion of the separation between being of spirit and being human. This is the old view and it is about time we all grew out of it. As a Divine Being how could you ever be anything but spiritual. Whatever practices you engage in, whatever tenets you follow, are merely the expression of your preferences, the unique expression of you. You could throw them all away and it would make not one iota of difference to the essence of you. It may even be a huge burden lifted.
But being Home, totally, fully and completely with self is what people are essentially desiring to realise. And for me being fully, and totally, and unselfconsciously human is to experience Oneness and be Divine. Notice the word “unselfconsciously”, having forgotten the little self in the totality of your consciousness. No longer needing to protect yourself from anything, especially, your own judgements of yourself, because everything and anything is welcome.

Shine On
I Love You

And experiencing fear is just part of being human.
It is simply an invitation to be more of who you are. To step out of your comfort zone into the “unknown”, to expand into new unexplored realities, to move into new territory of Self. It is your higher frequency’s call to cast your golden net further.


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