Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 5, 2015

Becoming a simple person

Advaita (Nonduality, Oneness, One Love)'s photo.

Really there’s nothing to do, nothing to become, in order for you to find total happiness. It’s not finding something new to add on to yourself. It’s letting go of everything you’ve been holding onto, becoming virtually empty, total emptiness, becoming a no one, a nobody, a nothing. Allowing all of your preconceived ideas, your conceptual thinking, to dissolve. Letting go of everything that you’ve been holding onto, your desires, your emotions. Becoming a simple person. Not worrying about the future. Being your Self, absolute reality, the Self which is God, allowing that to take place. Forgetting about time and space. Not trying to change the world or anyone else, not even trying to change yourself, but rather going deep within yourself, diving deep within yourself, deeper than you’ve ever gone before. The deeper you dive, the more the ego disappears. Remember, the ego, the body, the mind are one. They never existed really.

~ Robert Adams



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