Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 13, 2015

Simply the choice of being present

The 5th dimension is not a place.
It is a way of Being
Look about you. Is the light clearer?
Are the plants and trees brighter?
Are the animals more lively and more knowing.
Gaia has ascended and all the creatures know it.
Are you falling in Love with your Self? Do you know Shine? Do you feel Your Holy Presence?
Yes, Yes!
Then you are beginning to vibrate in this 5th dimensional frequency already.

I So Love You.

It is not a matter of reaching or changing anything.
It is simply a matter of choice of being Present.
Watching, feeling, seeing, and doing.
Of being BEAUTIFULLY GROUNDED and Present.

The Universe that Loves you beyond measure, will bring to you exactly what you need to experience your next step. Simply choose what you want to choose. You cannot make a single error.
You are being led to all you have yearned for in the deepest recesses of your Heart.





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