Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 16, 2015

To awaken

Mooji's photo.


To awaken to the timeless and perfect Truth, don’t put
so much importance on study. Avoid the tendency
to collect a lot of information on spirituality.
Instead dive within with your entire heart by saying,
‘Yes, I am here for this alone. Drown me in You.’
Information and mind-created knowledge
is meaningless in the higher realm.
Here, only harmony prevails.
By going beyond the notion of a personal self,
the detached observer of all phenomena is discovered
as a formless field of inner silence and harmony.
It spontaneously becomes self-evident
that this is our real nature and position.
This clarity of seeing and understanding arises from
the synchronicity of ‘I’ with the universal consciousness.
Pure harmony is the language and vibration of holiness.
It is synchronicity with God.



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