Posted by: Stephen Paul | February 10, 2016

Drop your clothes!

You wish to see Him Now?
Then leave everything, instantly.
Touch nothing, including the sense ‘I’.
Even the ‘I am’ itself is perceivable.
Leave everything.
And even leave ‘the Leaver’.
That which remains—that is He.
This pulse of existence, the vibration of being,
the subtlest taste, is only a taste arising in Him.
It, the Self, exists inside all.
You are not apart from Him.
When you drop your clothes,
you are He.
Phenomena is your clothes.
It is your T-shirt.
It is your dress.
It is your trousers.
When you drop these things,
meaning when you don’t identify,
and don’t judge or curse the manifest world,
when you drop your clothes and remain naked
beyond even the concept of naked,
You are He.
Don’t curse the phenomenal.
That is also Him.
Any further to go? More deep?
Deep is not Him.
Shallow is not Him.
Above is not Him.
Below is not Him.
Outside is not Him.
Inside is not Him.
Atom is not Him.
Molecule is not Him.
Energy is not Him.
All is His
but nothing defines Him.
Nothing exists apart from Him.
He is all.
That which is waiting to get this by way of intellectual understanding
or for something auspicious to happen is also not Him.
Make use of these pointers.
Are they pointers to what is to come?
Or to That which is ever-present and immutable?

~ Mooji

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