Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 14, 2016



I do not believe in anything.
I have no religion.
I have no god, including the gods of money, science and atheism.
I hold no fixed theories about reality, including that one.
I see heaven and hell, karma, reincarnation and the search for enlightenment as beautiful fairy tales.
I have no guru, no lineage, no teacher, and so everything teaches me.
I see doubt and profound mystery as my most trusted companions.
I walk no path except the one appearing directly in front of me.
I have no home except this sacred moment.
I trust nothing at all, except whatever happens.
I find no meaning in life except the fearless living of it.
I know that today could be my final day.
I feel grateful for all that was given and all that was taken away.
I see the inherent limitation of language and yet love to play with it.
I see the joke in using the words “I”, “me” and “mine” and yet delight in using them.
I realise that I am not my story, and realise that even that isn’t true.
I find it impossible to say anything about myself, for experience is constantly changing.
I find it effortless to talk about myself, for who I am never changes.
I know that on the deepest level I am profoundly equal to you.
I know that these sentences are pale imitations of truth.

I do not believe in anything.
I have no religion.
Except the in- and out- breaths.
And endlessly deepening wonder.

– Jeff Foster

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