Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 10, 2016

Can you see You?

You are One.
You are the singular being.
And, therefore, you cannot see you.
What you can see are only the projections that appear in your mind
—and some of those projections you take to be yourself.
While growing up we try out being all sorts of things,
so many different versions of ourselves
and all of these garments of identity have left
because none of them was you.
But you cannot leave you, even if you think you can and have.
You can leave the idea you have of you,
but your Self, you can never NOT be.
You may dream you are something or someone else,
you can momentarily appear to be something you are not,
but you cannot un-Be what you are.
And you are the one watching all of these dreams and appearances.
The amount of interest or no-interest will determine
the impact your seeing will have on you, if any impact at all.
And if your seeing has a tremendous impact on you,
that ‘you’ is still not the ultimate Truth—not your essential Being.
Contemplate this. Reflect upon this until you meet your heart’s joy.

~ Mooji

Mooji's photo.

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